About Us

About Us

Canon BioMedical, Inc. is focused on empowering the biomedical research and healthcare communities by developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative technologies and solutions. The technologies and solutions developed will help enable clinicians and scientists to improve our health and advance science. Canon BioMedical will pursue innovative solutions in line with Canon's Kyosei philosophy. Kyosei is defined as "all people, regardless of race, religion, or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future." Canon BioMedical will deliver these solutions through the use of existing and emerging Canon technology, as well as strategic partnerships.


Check out our blog for research news, application tips, and information in the field of genetic research.

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Business Development

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Canon BioMedical actively partners with experienced diagnostic and life sciences companies that align with our strategic objectives and complement our core capabilities.

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See our events calendar to find when & where you can learn about the latest Canon BioMedical solutions at events all around the world.

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Canon BioMedical leaders are leveraging a diverse set of experiences to help Canon deliver innovative solutions to the biomedical marketplace. With a history of accomplishments and industry knowledge, this team leads Canon BioMedical's talented employees to create pioneering products and solutions that will empower the biomedical community.

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The biomedical industry is advancing at a breakneck pace, in turn, transforming scientific research and medicine. Stay informed about advances coming from Canon BioMedical via original feature articles, as well as media highlights and press materials about the company as we partner with the scientific, clinical and medical communities.

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Stay Connected

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Please see the official Canon BioMedical social media platforms, and stay connected for the latest news, updates, events and more!

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Sustainability is important to Canon. For us, it involves focusing on reducing environmental impact, engaging with communities, and supporting wider economic growth. Alongside this, we anticipate and comply with regulations and standards and even look to exceed them where possible.

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