Genotyping Assays

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Novallele Genotyping Assays are ideal for testing human DNA for genomic variations. These assays are designed to test for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and small insertions/deletions observed to occur within the human genome. The Novallele Genotyping Assays contain functionally-verified oligonucleotide primers and probes necessary for rapid PCR and the subsequent allele identification by High Resolution Melt Analysis (HRMA).

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Genotyping Controls

Easily identify the genotype of your sample by comparing the melt curve to the control melt curves for the wild type, heterozygous mutant, and homozygous mutant. A Novallele Control Set ensures you are making the right genotyping call.

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Genotyping Reagents

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Rapid PCR with HRMA enables scientists to genotype samples for a wider range of genomic variations in less time. To accomplish this, Canon BioMedical has developed a functionally-verified PCR chemistry that supports faster ramping rates, and shortened cycling times. This chemistry is ideally paired with the Novallele Assays, but can also support user-designed assays that have been prepared in 2X Novallele Oligo Dilution Buffer.

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