Novallele HRM Analyzer

Novallele HRM Analyzer


The Novallele HRM Analyzer is a free, web-based software for high-resolution melting (HRM) analysis. The software provides an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface with comprehensive algorithms capable of analyzing HRM data from different thermocyclers.

The Novallele HRM Analyzer can analyze any HRM data, including data generated using Novallele genotyping assays  and Novallele Genotyping Mastermix. The Novallele HRM Analyzer displays and processes curves of any HRM data captured by any thermocycler in the proper melt file format. The software can process HRM data from a 96-well plate, 384-well plate, 36-well disc, or 72-well disc.



The software displays and analyzes your HRM data through various user-controlled curve processing features. These curve processing features include:

  • Curve normalization based on nucleic acid thermodynamics and reaction model theory
  • Calculation of the negative derivative
  • Curve comparison and genotype clustering

The software can harmonize all your HRM analyses and empower you to reliably genotype.


The Novallele HRM Analyzer is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

About HRM

HRM is a powerful technique used to analyze genetic variations in DNA, including polymorphisms, variants, and epigenetic changes. HRM relies on an intercalating fluorescent dye that binds to double-stranded DNA (dsDNA), typically during polymerase chain reaction (PCR). When the temperature of the solution containing the dsDNA-dye complex increases, the dsDNA denatures into single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), and the bound dye is released into the solution. Since the dyes used in HRM only fluoresce when bound to dsDNA, a decrease in fluorescence is observed as the dsDNA converts to ssDNA; this is referred to as the DNA melt.

Melting temperature (Tm) is defined as the temperature when 50% of the DNA is in the dsDNA form. Thermocyclers with HRM capabilities capture the fluorescence emitted from a sample at each temperature point. The exact fluorescence change varies depending on the DNA sequence and assay used to test for specific genetic variants. When compared to the reference DNA, a shift in Tm or a change in the melt curve shape indicates a genetic variation of the DNA in the sample. 


System Requirements



For optimal software response, we recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser. The Novallele HRM Analyzer has been optimized to run on Windows operating systems. The following table lists the minimum and recommended computer system requirements.


Computer Specification

Minimum requirement

Recommended requirement

Operating system

Windows 7

Windows 7


Dual Core 1.6GHz or faster

Dual Core 2.4 GHz or faster


2 GB

8 GB

Screen resolution




Chrome 57.0.2987.133 or a newer version

Chrome 57.0.2987.133 or a newer version

Novallele HRM Analyzer Features

  • No specialized computer needed
  • No download, installation, or updates required 
  • No costly software licensing or maintenance fees
  • You are always using the most up-to-date version
  • Rapid data processing with intuitive displays of all your HRM data
  • Processes data from any thermocycler
  • Analyzes data from various plate layouts

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